ashley d. (coffeegrl7) wrote in antibuddysystem,
ashley d.

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ay ay captain!

i too am proud to say that i hate thebuddysystem and am proud to be a member of anything against it! muahahahahahahaha! no, just kidding, i hate it when people say 'muahahaha' too. but i do hate tbs. they suck so bad, i'm sure they'll end up on mtv...what is the world coming to?! since everyone else nominated themself as something, i nominate myself as 'the jerk.' i'll be the person that gives music reviews on all the tbs shows i go to, which will be none, so my life will be easy. yeah, that's a good job if i do say so myself. all right, later to the 3 other people in this group, also probably the only people that read this.

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as thebuddysystem, we are proud to say that, we are INDEED glad that u dont like us,
so we wont ever have to see your UGLY ASS FACE and GHETTO BOOTY at our shows.
ashley you LOOKA like a MAN.