July 16th, 2002


Damn the buddysystem...damn them all to hell.

Yeah, damn straight. I am thee creater of this community. I fuckin HATE the buddysystem with a PASSION...I just happen to hang out with some of the members as if we're friends...anyways. So get all your friends to be cool and join the community..whether they like them or not. I want to hear all the bad things people have to say about them cause it makes me laugh. I know it probably makes the band laugh too at how stupid you all sound.

Luv Jen
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ay ay captain!

i too am proud to say that i hate thebuddysystem and am proud to be a member of anything against it! muahahahahahahaha! no, just kidding, i hate it when people say 'muahahaha' too. but i do hate tbs. they suck so bad, i'm sure they'll end up on mtv...what is the world coming to?! since everyone else nominated themself as something, i nominate myself as 'the jerk.' i'll be the person that gives music reviews on all the tbs shows i go to, which will be none, so my life will be easy. yeah, that's a good job if i do say so myself. all right, later to the 3 other people in this group, also probably the only people that read this.

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    i'll tell you what i'm NOT listening to, thebuddysystem!

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im so glad you guys created this community. ive been waiting for it for a long time.
no... tim and i didnt have sex...yet.
i think thebuddysystem is the bestest band i have ever heard. way better than any other band from around here.
we are so conceited.
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    thebuddysystem - love was lost but never found